Property and Infrastructure

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What is available?

Between £2m and £10m of capital investment in commercial sites and premises.

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What might this typically fund?

  • The speculative build of employment and industrial space
  • Infrastructure to facilitate or accelerate development
  • Refurbishment and reinstatement of vacant retail or office space
  • Regeneration of obsolete buildings to commercial or residential uses
  • Low carbon development and ESG improvements to existing properties
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How to apply


What is the Property and Infrastructure Fund (PIF)?

The PIF aims to support and enable new development that will help provide sites and premises needed to drive the future growth of the local economy. The fund seeks to accelerate the delivery of private sector led development and site-specific infrastructure that supports economic growth across the county.

Who is it for?

The fund is available to business and developers seeking to develop, refurbish, or reinstate employment and industrial space, as well as infrastructure within Warwickshire that will lead to growth and employment.

Fund objectives

  • Accelerate the delivery of new employment sites and premises
  • Encourage new inward investment into Warwickshire
  • Support the transition to a low carbon economy

How much can your business borrow?

Businesses can borrow between £2m and £10m and loans can be from one year up to a maximum of five years.

How to apply

The PIF is being delivered by the nominated fund advisor CBRE. You can find out more about the fund, speak to a member of the CBRE team, and apply.